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Bell & Ross Airlines

Although there are many famous brands producing multifunctional "tool watches", there are not many Bell & Ross and Bell & Ross.
Despite its good reputation, Bell & Ross is still a relatively young company. Bell & Ross was founded in 1993, a university project completed by two friends Bruno Belamich and Carlo A. Rosillo, shortening the English perspective of their surnames.
From the outset, the two Frenchmen knew that the key to success was cooperation. Knowledgeable but relatively inexperienced, they formed a team of experts consisting of designers and technicians. Each team was equipped with useful skills to complement the spirit of the brand. They also established a strategic partnership with the manufacturer Sinn to help them enter the luxury watchmaking industry for the first time. In 2002, when the fashion brand Chanel purchased most of Bell & Ross shares, the arrangement was over. The fact that attention has turned to aesthetics rather than practicality proves unfounded. Each watch is a classic tool watch. Bell&Ross never deviates from the principles of Swiss luxury watchmaking: reliability, elegance and B.R.M V12-44 GULF watch price
To date, Bell & Ross has released three series: Aviation, Ocean and Vintage. Each offers excellent water resistance, a super clear dial and a precision mechanical movement. They deserve to be trusted by the staff who work in the most difficult and dangerous conditions. These staff are full of confidence from astronauts, deep sea divers and bomb disposal experts.
The Bell & Ross Aviation line is no exception. As the name suggests, this series is inspired by aeronautical instruments on the cockpit display panel. The iconic and eye-catching design ensures that the aeromodelling is suitable for formal or casual clothing and is also an essential tool for pilots with potential life or death.
The first model of Bell and Ross Aviation is still the most recognized BR01 released in 2005, of which BR01-92 is considered to be a clear classic. Although functionally appealing, it has a distinctive square case that can immediately attract attention, but there are many things on the surface that can prolong their interest. The 46 mm diameter case is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement that is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. Both the black, large white numerals and the opposite dial have three hands, allowing the pilot to easily check the duration of flight or the speed of ascent. Everything about BR01-92 shows that this is a watch you can trust, from a rough carbon stainless steel or ceramic case to a sturdy rubber, leather or synthetic Richard Mille RM 67-02 Automatic Alexis Pinturault watch
Also set in this iconic square case, BR01-94 is a precision chronograph with three auxiliary dials for 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours. Bell&Ross has expanded the options for BR01-94 cabinet materials, including titanium and stainless steel cabinets.

BR03 Aviation
At the same time, Bell&Ross introduced the BR03-92, a slightly smaller BR01, measuring 42 mm in size, which is ideal for men with thin wrists or those who are looking for eye-catching watches on formal occasions. The Bell & Ross BR03-92 continues to be functionally balanced, keeping readability and accuracy at the forefront of the design process.
BR-S Aviation
In 2008, the Bell & Ross Aviation Collection expanded its third line BR-S. At 39 mm, it has a few designs for women that have the smallest case. The case is 18kt rose gold or ceramic with ivory, black or pearl dial and strap made of crocodile leather. Although these watches are clearly suitable for formal occasions, their design is still inextricably linked with aviation and obeys the Bell&Ross readability and functionality principles.wholesale cheap AUDEMARS PIGUET watches
Despite their growing reputation as luxury watchmakers, no one can blame Bell and Ross for treading water. They recently introduced the 610HP concept Formula One racing car, which draws inspiration not only from car history but also from aviation, from aerodynamic lines and features such as glass roofs and dual exhaust pipes reminiscent of jet fighters. see. Is the B&R car line on the way?
Bell&Ross Aviation is not only a stylish watch, it is also an indispensable survival tool. This is the tactical timing.

For the Basel Watch Fair in 2018, Belrose announced the launch of a series of RS18 chronographs inspired by Renault's sports Formula 1 team. All of these watches are inspired by Renault's single-seaters and are designed to demonstrate the mutual appreciation of mechanical engineering, speed and performance. All RS18 models will use perforated and micro-titanium metal cases, the chronograph putter will be modeled after the first-order shift rocker, sapphire crystal and a patented perforated rubber strap developed for all three watches. The Bell&Ross BR-X1 RS18 has specially designed a hollow dial to show the chronograph movement below. The pusher is highlighted with yellow rubber and a matching "thumb grip" is cut on the right side of the box. The dial also has red details around the date window and 30-minute timer. In addition, this watch will also be equipped with a "colored" sapphire back cover centered on the balance wheel to showcase Bell&Ross' indoor sport. The BR-X1 will be sold in limited quantities of 250 pieces.Review cheap replica watches for sale
Belrose has long been a fixture for aviation-inspired timepieces, and their square box serves as a direct reference for aviation instruments. This cooperation with Renault provided Bell and Ross with an interesting way out. They provided a rapid color scheme for their design aesthetics, as well as material selection in the space age. These began to show that Bell and Ross could focus their attention on On the track, because they must be sky. One of the technical details I have seen has caught my attention and is unique, that is, the empty date wheel. The number on the date wheel is a cut, and the six-point date window is backed by a white patch. So, by looking at the dial, you can see the position of the date wheel, and it won't stand out until you see today's date supported by white at 6 o'clock. Despite this, I think that these watches, despite their great intentions, are considered to be very instrumental watches. I also found that the rubber accents on the putter and the shell were a little unsatisfactory, but these are relatively small complaints.
If Bell and Ross not only wanted the BR-X1, but the entire RS18 lineup was designed to demonstrate their strength in the ingenious car-making inspiration, I think they are largely successful. In other words, I think that Bell and Ross have been operating in an extreme market for a long time. You either like or hate Bell&Ross watches. Although I'm not usually a big fan of their products, I'm excited about the BR-X1. It's definitely what I want to see for cheap Bell & Ross BR03 Aviation BR03-94 AeroGT watch