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Corum Grand Precis Watch

The longer the retro watch lasts, the more complicated I feel about it. On the one hand, many of the works put me in a coma, what I can think of is how deeply the value of modern luxury goods on vintage tools is completely annoying. On the other hand, there is a sense of freshness in the revival of classic design, which is good, not because they are classic designs, but because they are completely focused on the smooth integration of form and function at the time.
You rarely see a retro hand, too short or completely ridiculous design features. Purity with a class is the main aesthetic choice of generations. In today's retro-themed watch, I saw both good and bad. High-end and sublime high eyebrows. To be honest, I hope that the number of these watches will decrease, and the brand will focus more on playing and making unique watches, rather than following the leader's use of "daring" after they have just finished on how they do the first thing and excessive speech. The word. In fact, I see the brand's new rules (yes, I don't talk directly to all European brands) just stop using the word "daring" or "daring." I don't care what you think it means or what is in the dictionary, but for our native English speakers, it means more or less "rude." So please proudly declare that your watch manufacturer and your brand founder are so bold and Corum Admirals Cup cheap Watches
Now I have put it on my chest. I can tell you that I really like this new limited edition Corum watch. For me, it's not important based on retro design, I care that I really like this design. The Grand Precis is a 38.5 mm wide watch available in 18k red or white gold. The classic look has a little taste. The lines are the perfect combination of right angles and beautiful curves. I especially like how the lugs tilt inwards. The dial is a victory for the design advantages of the past few days. Do you know what seals are made for me? The cross shape is completely a dial.
The dial is brushed vertically with champagne colour. The lightweight texture is popular, and I like the auxiliary stopwatch for bare bones. The hand is daubhine and not too short. Not only do they work well with the dial, they are also very legible, and they are perfect for themes. Just a great design (from the past).
Another element I really like is sports. This is the Corum CO162 hand-wound movement. From a complex point of view, it is not something special, but I like the design of bridges. It is not completely modern, but the futurism of the 1960s - this is completely different from the same sporting style and decoration we have always seen.Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE JARNO TRULLI CHRONOGRAPH cheap Watch
For those who want a beautiful classic with a traditional and particularly smooth design, Corum Grand Precis is a nice rare find. Corum will offer 100 pieces of 18k gold and 50 pieces of 18k white gold. Look for them later this year.
Corum Admiral Cup Seaman 47 Tourbillon GMT Watch Exclusive Launch
When I showed him recently, I didn't know how to make this interesting Corum watch. As part of the high-end, high-end collection of high-end sophisticated watches, there are many thought-provoking elements in this piece. The watch is 47 mm wide and is available in several different colors. There will also be a 18k red gold version. Unlike bare aluminum, which tends to degrade over time, this is done in "plating", which I think protects it and gives it a matte black finish.
Aluminum watches are not as strong as titanium, but are usually lighter. F.P. Journe recently auctioned his first new aluminum sports collection, which cost nearly $500,000. The watch is 47 mm wide and is large but very lightweight for comfort on your wrist. The shiny black alligator strap complements the matte finish of the case.Hublot 304.TX.1170.LR Big Bang Minute Repeater Tourbillon cheap watch
This movement is also very interesting, sometimes I think the back of the watch is more impressive than its front. The movement features a range of black tones and a comfortable modern design. The large-size Corum movement CO397 automatic movement is completely integrated with most of the case and is impressive through the sapphire case display. I especially like the black perlage polishing next to all matte surfaces. The movement is equipped with a large tourbillon (with Corum's signature key-type cage) that can be seen through the dial and throughout the case.
In addition to the tourbillon, another major feature of the movement is the second time zone function. The easy-to-press button at 4 o'clock adjusts the second time zone displayed on the auxiliary dial in the 12-hour format. Therefore, there is a day/night (AM / PM) indicator near the second time zone on the dial.wholesale cheap watches for sale
Admiral's Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT really looks like a lot of dial space, thanks to all the space between the asymmetrically arranged dial and the information on the main dial. The face itself has a texture that gives it a higher end feel. There is also a date dial on the face.
The watch is very reasonable, but it is more like a complicated watch, designed to evoke a deep sense of elegance. Using aluminum, the large size, the iconic Admiral cup case and features make this niche collector watch - but I want to completely carry it with you. As I said, it is very comfortable and easy to HYT H1 AZO PROJECT 148-PA-21-GF-RU watch price