Devon Tread 2 Shining
Surprisingly, how many achievements Devon has achieved since its inception in 2010. Incredibly, the company has only existed for three years and has successfully influenced the market dominated by Swiss watch brands. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to try and review the fantastic Tread 1-F. This model is one of the later special editions. I really like to wear this watch and I am fascinated by its unique and sturdy appearance. Other successful versions include an enticing skeleton version, which may be my personal favorite phenomenon of steampunk.
Although I like Tread One very much, I can understand why it only attracts a very small crowd. Most buyers may decide to play it safely by purchasing Rolex, Omega or Breitling.
Tread 2 solves both of these problems, greatly reducing the size of the case and the retail price. In the past few months, I have been in contact with Devon's general manager Ehren Bragg. His motivation and determination to enhance the company's global image is admirable. At present, they attract many celebrity customers and are widely regarded as high-end luxury watch manufacturers in the industry.buy Hublot Big Bang Ferrari replica watches
The release of Tread 2 caused a huge hype. Due to the success of Tread 1, Devon's pressure to make another superb timepiece is very high. While watching the watch, I can categorically confirm that they have achieved this goal. As I mentioned before, the measurement size has been reduced to a more moderate 42mm x 44mm x 14.5mm. These ratios will eventually attract more potential buyers. In general, I found the watch to be very comfortable to wear and I didn't experience any friction from the lugs. This is mainly due to the innovative barrel-shaped outer casing and the production options of 316L stainless steel. Impressively, this watch weighs only 90 grams and is ideal for everyday use.
Visually, Tread 2 is more classic than its predecessors. Basically all the exciting features remain the same, but the look has a more traditional look. As with Tread 1, the time is shown on the vertical and horizontal belts. I like the unique oversized crown and trigger system on the side of the watch. Another complex design feature is the eight exposed screws on the bezel. Devon also chose to use sapphire crystal instead of polycarbonate on this model. In my opinion, this inclusion is an improvement that should make the watch more durable in the long run.
To power the watch, Devon uses the same cutting-edge technology as Tread 1. This process is controlled by a professional microcontroller that transmits the data to the appropriate belt. The belt is made of strong flexible nylon and is suitable for use in aircraft cockpits. In fact, they run on a calibrated tooth and pulley system. Functionally, Tread 2 has hours, minutes, seconds, chronographs, and power reserve up to eight weeks.
In addition to the stylish Tread 2 Shining, there are three other compelling versions to choose from, named White Ceramic, Murder and Nightmare.luxury Tonino Lamborghini replica watches
Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch updated in 2016
Now at the end of 2016, Hublot has just announced a series of interesting watch updates/additions that represent the brand's most important partnership with Ferrari. Three new models showcase the Big Bang Ferrari case, with some changes in the appearance of the buttons and dials, and Hublot claims that its design is inspired by the Ferrari itself.
Hublot announced a partnership with Ferrari in 2011 and released the first Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch in 2012. Later, in 2014, I reviewed a version of this Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watch. These 2016 Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watches continue the theme of success, but the appearance clearly blends the beauty of the actual Ferrari car details - this is a good thing.
Perhaps the most notable new element of the 2016 Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch is the thoroughly redesigned and refined dial - also in the hollow view of the movement. The 60-minute chronograph small dial, including an integrated date indicator, is directly inspired by the unique tachometers used on many Ferrari dashboards. This is a cool design, I think any Ferrari fans will appreciate it. Hublot further provides new time markers and pointers and moves the position of the Ferrari prancing horse to the 6 o'clock position. The novice is the new look of Hublot. I will wait until I see them making the final judgment. The same is true for the "rotation" style of hour numbers, which are positioned in a circular manner rather than all in the same way. I tend to think that I prefer the original layout of the hour numbers, but as I said, I will wait to see the final thoughts. All in all, the dials in all Big Bang Ferrari watches have so far had the greatest car feel.
You will also notice a new bezel design with a countersunk notch for the bezel screw. This is more "engineered" than the traditional Hublot Big Bang bezel and doesn't look too bad. Traditionalists may initially prefer existing styles, but I think the new look has advantages, and new things may take some time to attract the loyal fans of the series.wholesale Richard Mille RM 022 replica Watches
The design update for my favorite 2016 Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch is the design update for the crown and button. The crown maintains its neat twist and locking system but has a newer look. The old version of the pusher is cool, but it's now more streamlined and adaptable to this situation. They are inspired by the pedals of the Ferrari car's cab and are paired with red stripes to meet on the crown. Although you can't see it in any of the photos, the other side of the case is now printed with the word "Ferrari" on the left side of the case.
Overall, the housing dimensions remain the same, with a width of 45 mm (water resistant to 100 meters), and of course these housings retain a useful quick release button for the straps that are secured in the lug structure. You still need to get a replacement or replacement belt directly from Hublot because the belt attachment system is proprietary. Inside the watch is the existing powerful internal manufacturing UNICO mechanical movement. The automatic movement is equipped with a flyback chronograph (with column wheel drive), operating at 4 Hz and power reserve for 72 hours. The pallet fork and escapement are made of silicon. In general, I was very happy with this action when I tested it in the past.
Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Watch
Hublot released the first Big Bang Ferrari watch in 2012, a collaboration with the famous Italian car manufacturer. Since then, the brand has expanded the Hublot Ferrari series every year, and all models are equipped with Hublot's internal Unico movement.
In early 2013, the brand launched three new models, which are dominated by Hublot Big Bang “Red Magic Carbon”. Its Unico movement uses a flying needle chronograph mechanism, which uses two buttons and can be reset at any time. Unlike many other chronograph movements, it has a cylindrical wheel on the dial side, an hour counter that is directly driven by the barrel, and no jumpers in the chronograph mechanism. The pallet fork and escape wheel are made of ultra-light silicon and are attached to a detachable platform. The movement was first released in 2009 (according to Hublot's statement, has been constantly adjusted since then), the movement has a total of 330 parts, high frequency of 28,800 rev / min, power reserve of 72 hours.online replica watches for sale
The cabinet is also designed and manufactured in the interior of the Hublot plant in Nyon, Switzerland. It is made of carbon fiber and is manufactured in a “multi-layer” process. Up to 12 pieces of material can be stacked into the mold before pressing, and then in the polymerization furnace. Bake in. In this way, there is no foaming, resulting in better uniformity and higher mechanical strength of the finished product. The internal machining by a team of experts who recently joined the production process of Hublot's internal watchmaking team was done on a special machine with five spindles.
Red sapphire crystal adds chemical components directly to the material during its development, making the color unchangeable. Big Bang Ferrari "Red Magic Carbon" - same as the other two models - with two belts, black and red schedoni leather stitches to black rubber;
"King Gold Carbon" model limited edition, carbon fiber bezel and six H-shaped black PVD titanium screws. Like the "Red Magic Carbon" model, it has White Super-LumiNova on its hands. Like the 45mm case, the crown and button belong to Hublot's proprietary "King Gold".
Hublot Big Bang Ferrari ceramics (below) have a black ceramic case and bezel; the bezel is brushed, the ceramic case is extremely rare, and most surfaces are polished. It has black Super-LumiNova on its hands. Like King Gold, its titanium bezel screws are coated with black PVD; those of Red Magic are polished titanium.
During SIHH 2014, Hublot released the second wave of Hublot Big Bang Ferrari series expansions, each with a Unico movement and a large 45 mm chassis, offering a variety of different materials and material combinations according to Hublot's “fusion” concept.best Bremont Jaguar replica watches