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Brand Hublot
Item Type replica Hublot Baselworld 2018 watches
Case Sapphire
Movement Manual winding
Strap Rubber
Dial color Sapphire Crystal
clasp type Deployant Buckle
Diameter 45mm
Glass Sapphire
Gender men
Boxes common box
Functions Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve Indication
Model Number 911.JX.0102.RW

swiss Replica BRM Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Racing collection While our smartphones packed with cutting-edge technology have trouble going beyond 24 hours without a recharge, mechanical watches are known for their stamina. The Big Bang MP-11 by Hublot is one of them! Thanks to a surprising hand-wound movement, the watch has no less than 14 days of power reserve. To achieve this result, the watchmakers had to make use of seven barrels included as standard. The components also contribute to the original aesthetic design of this limited edition.

With the watch’s open-work architecture, the lack of a dial puts the workings in the spotlight. The cylinders lined up alongside each other take up the lower part of the watch. At the head of this linear layout, a display roll shows the number of days remaining for the power reserve. In the upper part of the watch, interlacing circles create an animated design. Hours and minutes are displayed by two wide hands in a disc at 12 o’clock. Beside them, the balance wheel moves to and fro, in symmetry with a large helical gear that transmits the energy needed to display the time information.

swiss luxury men watches brand The watch is housed in a 45mm-wide 3D woven carbon case combining lightness and robustness. The use of carbon underlines the avant-garde personality of the Big Bang. Last but not least, this edition limited to just 200 pieces comes with a rubber strap that is also quite surprising since it weighs only 90 grams!And for anyone wishing to examine the impressive calibre more closely, Hublot has made a second version with a case made entirely of sapphire crystal.Given how much Hublot unveiled in Geneva back in January, the volume of additional novelties the brand had ready to go for Baselworld 2018 came as a bit of a surprise. Though nearly faced with a little analysis paralysis, given the broad range of models to choose from, getting a closer look at the Big Bang MP-11 14-Days 3D Carbon was a real no-brainer. The melding of the classic Big Bang case with the clever engineering of the Hublot Masterpiece collection is a total win-win, and provided ample motivation to take a closer look.

Replica Bell & Ross New BR 01 BURNING SKULL Limited watch As it says in the name, the big selling feature of the MP-11 is its staggering 14-day power reserve. Cased in what Hublot are calling “3D Carbon”- a variant of carbon fibre woven in a more three-dimensional fashion than conventional carbon fibre - this casing helps offset the additional weight found in the MP-11’s seven series-coupled barrels. Effectively, this multi-barrel configuration is a scaled-down version of what is found in the MP-05 LaFerrari, which uses 11 barrels to achieve a power reserve of 50 days. The trade-off with things like the LaFerrari is you’re then left with a much larger and elaborate case, whereas the Big Bang MP-11 delivers the best of both worlds.

Cool Replica HYT skull watches price The force of the barrels is tilted on a perpendicular plane by a transmission system very rarely employed in watchmaking: a 90-degree helical worm gear. As another unique feature of this innovative calibre, the balance is transposed to the dial side to create symmetry with the helical gear. Vibrating at 4 Hz, it also features a newly patented index-assembly system.

Ultra-light and highly resistant, the watch only weights 90 grams, with the bracelet included. The three-dimensional structure of the carbon creates unique facets and reflections. This version, with smoked composite sides, allows the black PVD-treated mechanism to be admired with its polymer matrix composite case. The 45mm openwork case reveals the engine inspired architecture. Echoing the mechanical design, the crown and the lined rubber strap reflect the helical structure of a worm gear. Finally, this new manufacture movement can be wound by hand using the large fluted crown or an electric Torx stylus, inspired by the world of motor racing.

This timepiece offers a spectacular view of the 7 series-coupled barrels and the in-line power reserve indicator. The multi-cylindrical construction, which has been positioned on a horizontal axis, guarantees autonomy for an astounding two weeks. The hour and minute display is driven by a vertical geartrain, which posed an additional challenge for the designers.

Pre owned Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore replica All told, the 3D Carbon-cased MP-11 has a familiar and comfortable feel on the wrist. I will say its oversized crown seems a little out of proportion with the rest of the case; however, given the significant amount of time and effort required to wind the piece up from zero, Hublot upped the crown size in order to fit a special automated winding tool that comes with the watch. Not that you’d be tucking a Big Bang under a shirt cuff any time soon, but it’s also worth noting that the additional domed section of its crystal (to accommodate the barrel stack) makes the piece feel that much more chunky on the wrist. That said, this is Hublot - and for the Big Bang, chunky works just fine.Those with a love for edgy in-your-face design that is backed up by heavy-hitting horology. Also a pick for Meca-10 owners looking to level up, or MP-05 owners wanting something a little more daily-wear friendly.So far, only two versions have been announced, in 3D Carbon and in Sapphire. Would have expected to bring a gold or titanium model to the table, but no doubt that’s on its way before long.

The “All Black” Big Bang has been created from a polymer matrix composite reinforced by three-dimensional weave. The lightness and resistance is unparalleled - with the bracelet included, the watch only weights 90 grams. The three-dimensional structure of the carbon creates unique facets and reflections.As a leader in the shaping and industrialisation of materials, Hublot breaks the glass ceiling with its new “All Black” Big Bang MP-11 featuring a 3D carbon case. Composed of polymer matrix with three-dimensional fibres, previously not used in watchmaking, this ultra-light material has been reinforced with three-dimensional fibre woven resin, shaped into a case inspired by a race engine. Equipped with 7 series-coupled barrels, this mechanical architecture offers a view of the 7 series-coupled barrels and the in-line power reserve indicator. swiss made Richard Mille watches for sale