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What we are seeing here may be the flagship novelty of the entire show, not just the brand, the Earth GMT 45.5 mm white gold. This watch is part of the 33 series. This is the subject of at least three separate patents, so let's take a look at all the brains.
Earth GMT
The watch now has three separate time displays on the dial. You can see the main dial and shine. The smoked sapphire hour track is absolutely not conservatism. There is also a second display that you can read through the two o'clock on the dial. Gluby Forsey is driven by its GMT pusher on its wings, but if it is not user friendly and readable.
Then you have a 360-degree blue globe that will show you the northern and southern hemispheres. Instead, you have world time. Now, it's important to note that it can provide world time in daylight saving time or daylight saving time zones, or not provide daylight saving time zones, and they are color coded so you can see the white display where the day saves, it is Read in the center of the dial. Then, outboard you have a 24-hour black format that indicates those that do not follow the daylight saving time format.
The watch itself has a thickness of about 16.18 mm, but it is more wearable than you might think, thanks to the close-flip white gold lugs, although the diameter is close to 46 mm. It is actually an excellent ergonomic claim because its outer casing is broad and mostly flat.
Now, with a fully deployed snap, you get a lot of optimization. In addition to an anonymous generic work, you can see that Greubel Forsey expresses this. Paired with a beautiful and substantial crocodile leather strap, black with a monotonous stitch.
It's important to talk about watches. For three patents, let's talk about terrain. Manually wound double main barrel, the watch vibrates 21,600 times per hour, which should be standard in the watch industry. It is provided with a separate device inside a main barrel that is mounted in series to prevent accidental over-winding, although it is a manually wound component.
You can see that there is a power reserve usually at three o'clock on the dial. Seventy-two hours, just below it, you can see the polygon or mirror finish of a fully balanced bridge, which tends to balance when the Greubel Forsey frank angle is 30 degrees. The watchmaker and watchmaking theory has determined that 30 degrees is the most common watch angle on the forearm, so it is the logic of a 30 degree angle.
It also requires a 24 second circuit, so you can see that it is actually twice as fast as a traditional tourbillon, and in order to get good measurements, it can be played freely to resist the timing skew caused by the impact. Of course, there is still a stop work, it just played a role.
This watch is easy to read, user friendly and very deep. You can see the depth of the movement, about 10 mm, almost like a labyrinth staring at a high-end watch. You see sapphire. You see 铑. You will see what is effective [Foreign Language 00:26:57] or a nickel-copper bridge made of nickel, copper and zinc, as well as a delicate frost with a mirror structure.
Every completion standard for traditional timepieces plus some standards that you may not have associated with a high-end watch are included. I don't want to talk about the use of synthetic sapphires. It helps to make the 3-D sphere completely visible, including in the outline, it also provides a beautiful box-shaped sapphire combination with a dome shape at the end. Again, this capability is one of the cornerstones of Greubel Forsey and is user-friendly.
This watch is large and beautiful, bold, only 33 are made of white gold, destined to remain rare. Greubel Forsey is the flagship of 2018, this is the Earth GMT.
This watch is novel in many ways. You can see aesthetics and engineering, which is a prototype form of production. Keep in mind that this may not fully represent the content in the hands of the user, but it is very close.
Prototype #3, let's go. This watch is 44mm white gold. It will be made from a series of 33 pieces, the timepiece is actually quite slim, at 15.3 mm, most of which is due to the expensive box-shaped sapphires, beautiful domes and circles. This is how you know your time and energy. With the different treatment of the flanks, you can see alternating polished and satin finishes, not just one direction. Vertical satin finish on the back of the case and circumferential satin finish on the back of the case.wholesale replica watches
Of course, you can get a luxury appointment with a strap and a buckle, but it's all about constant power. For this reason, thanks to the spherical differential used as a constant, the caliper here will run at a constant amplitude for 60 hours. -force device.
Obviously, this is not the first constant force device to find it into the watch. Fusee started with the first watch, then the later pocket watch, but they were inaccurate, they were inaccurate, and there were many moving parts, and they were also inefficient. Whether linear spring or spiral, Remontoir d'alalite produces uneven pulses during the release of quantized energy into the escapement. So how do you keep it the same? You do this with a spherical differential.
The movement uses a double mainspring barrel in series with manual winding. Well, this is a 60-hour power reserve, when it actually stops on its own, but in theory it can run longer, which is the key. This watch is beyond the requirements in every respect.
Now, this watch also features the unique Greubel Forsey fashion angle design. The idea is that in addition to the differential and its constant force effect, you have an angled balance. According to watchmaking theory, the most common angle on the wrist is 30 degrees, so it is the balance angle.
You also noticed that there is a unique bridge on the back of the watch, which is part of the stop-second, zero-reset mechanism. The watch is completely precise, you can't have a precise watch that can't be precisely set. Therefore, not only will the balance stop on its own, but the second scale, the second scale of the more accurate reading, will also reset itself to an index of 60.
Now you can see that the watch is flawless. There are some technical details before we continue. The tandem double main barrel also has a separator, which is very rare in the manual wind watch category. You can't accidentally overtake the clock. This is a three-Hz tempo, as you can see, it can be adjusted freely and flexibly, it can also resist shock and vibration, and has a super-threaded structure, except for the differential and balance angle. It also helps to ensure concentric beats for improved accuracy. It's a layered effect that creates an accurate timer level and has a lot of aesthetic value.
As you can see, the Nickel-Copper Bridge is a flawless, flawless mirror structure. The movement is deep and therefore pleasing. You investigate this movement instead of it. Now, it is also a practical timepiece that is so powerful. It can be seen in any light, bright, low light or no TAG HEUER AQUARACER replica Watches
The Greubel Forsey timepiece is designed to be user-friendly and easy to wear. Worth back to the shape of the lug. You can see that they are almost 90 degrees down with respect to the scan of the case strap. Therefore, even on my 16 cm long wrist, I can easily wear this 44 mm watch. This will be a series of 33 platinum series. This is a new product in 2018, GreubelForseyDifférentield'égalité.

Double Balancier
We are following Double Balancier, Double Balance. This is a brain clock. Now, for the first time in 2015, we saw different metals in different watches. If you can imagine Philippe Dufour Duality going to college and earning an advanced degree, it's a double balance from Greubel Forsey.
Now, this watch is easy to wear. Let's start with the basics. This case is forty-three millimeters and has a thickness of more than 13.3 millimeters. You will notice how the lug drops sharply, almost 90 degrees relative to the case strap.
Let's talk about external appointments first. Luxurious, rose gold, double deployment buckle, Greubel Forsey is not awkward on a rich date, and the strap is one of the softest and most practical straps you've ever encountered. As you can see, surface finish, polished, dome bezel, polished lugs on the sides and hood, polished back, vertical satin finish. For the case strap itself, it has an inductive composite curve. This is the poem of Rose Gold.
Now, the beauty of the watch is also changing internally, because we now have a gold base, but a black anthracite-colored dial. This timepiece featuring Greubel Forsey has a traditional look and modern feel, but let's first talk about this movement. The dual mainspring barrels run in series and they are actually equipped with a separator so that you don't accidentally get the wind turbine upwind. This is very rare, as you have seen in the traditional way, train jewelry has been set up in chaton. Now it beats twice at three Hz. This watch has a 72-hour power reserve that powers the double mast and the double escapement.Franck Muller replica Watches price
Now, according to watchmaking theory, the average angle of the watch is 30 degrees, so both balances are tilted 30 degrees but on different planes. This helps to equalize the action so that when any given position is opened, it will run relatively faster with respect to gravity and the other will decelerate due to gravity effects. They tend to cancel each other on this basis.
Now you add the difference. There are differences between them that help to average the error between the two. Then, there is actually a metric display between them, which is a display of differential actions that are visible to the human eye. Therefore, the watches we end up with have different balance planes, over-rolling to promote concentric beats, and differences to balance their mistakes. Very precise.
As you can see, the depth of this watch is also incredible. It's only about 8 mm of total movement depth, so you don't want to see this action as you look. Now it is also very practical. This watch shines in any light and is easy to watch, both user-friendly and eye-friendly.
This watch combines traditional finishes. You can see it in a sullen mood. You can see it in the polygon of a continuous circular mirror polished balance bridge. Also, please note that the balance is free spring to better resist shock and vibration.
You will also notice unusual surface treatments, such as the obvious quasi-industrial frosting in all Greubel Forsey timepieces. This difference may be its conservatism. It is considered to be the most outstanding and the simplest of the Greubel Forsey watches. According to their standard simplicity, their standards are also very calm, this is for the more conservative Greubel Forsey buyers. It is also considered an attractive entry point for the ownership of Greubel Forsey. Still, Greubel likes to talk about value rather than price and I have to say at this stage that it's as completely refreshing as their watch.AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE CAMOUFLAGE COLOURS SIHH2019 replica Watches