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A huge way of leading BERM ZERMATT
"To claim a place is your own meaning, respect its history, its special features, its logo and its characteristics. With its Chalet Boutique, Hublot made a significant climb at the foot of the Matterhorn."
The new Hublot store is 1,608 meters above sea level and is located at 27 Bahnhofstrasse, proudly boasting the SUISSITUDE logo. The real "Schatzchischta" (treasure), located in the highest peak of Switzerland. In order to mark its promotion, Hublot created two limited editions of numbers. The spirit of Matterhorn shines in the heart of BIG BANG.
With Zermatt honoring its legendary mountain celebrations, Matterhorn is celebrating its 150th anniversary for the first time, and Hublot is opening its 80th store in the world. In a unique location, Hublot's store is designed to blend traditional and modern styles.
The name Zermatt means “the pasture in the mountains” (Zurmat); so Hublot hopes to respect the traditions and history of the region by creating an original, symbolic Chalet-Boutique. Outside, we saw a modern interpretation of traditional architecture. Inside, the counter and display are decorated with wood and glass. Under the frame of the exposed beams, the old wooden walls show narrow openings, which are characteristic of the barn. The space in which the lights are inserted gives a warm "homely" feeling. On the wall, a display surrounded by a metal frame shows the typical Swiss art, reinterpreting the paper-cutting technique. The resulting pattern illustrates that the migration also found direction on the exterior window display and balcony. Hublot believes it is important to highlight local traditions and integrate them into their Hublot Masterpieces replica watches
To mark its climb to the foot of Matterhorn, Hublot created two models numbered BIG BANG Zermatt. This 18K gold 5N case is made of tungsten or satin with a ceramic bezel and a grey satin-polished sun dial that displays a counter with Matterhorn's signature silhouette at 9 o'clock. The BIG BANG ZERMATT is available in a beige calfskin strap with beige stitching and is limited to 150 pieces. When the base is opened, the mechanical chronograph is automatically attached to the HUB4100 movement. A 3 cm long rope occupies a place above the movement between the two sapphire panes, as if it were sealed forever.
There are many stories and legends in the Zermatt area. According to one legend, the original rope is located at 4320 meters above sea level at the top of the northeast of Matterhorn. It is said that the rope has a soul - because the interior of the rope is made up of a grid of many nylon threads - there is no doubt that the soul of the Matterhorn shines at the heart of BIG BANG.
Hublot has traditional costumes and music in Zermatt, delicious cheese from Monsieur Biver, typical dishes and renowned humor.
I saw a head-to-tail HUBLOT LOOK with HUBLOT on my head.

Hublot loves Switzerland - it feels like each other! This iconic destination is home to local know-how and ethical materials. Since 2015, watchmakers have chosen Zermatt as the location of their traditional log cabin boutique, inspired by the typical raccard grain store, which hosts a light show featuring the symbol of Switzerland's core. The stylish AK Skis match your watch, and the soft Orylag® fur cuffs are mottled in grey, turquoise or bright fuchsia: whether on the slopes or after skiing, you can spend this winter in Hublot. Spend a series of interchangeable options.Zenith Pilot 11.1940.679/91.c807 replica Watch
“Big Bang Sugar Skull is on your wrist, AK Skis is on your feet, you can reach the Zermatt mountain peak via the Hublot-sponsored ski lift, or take the “Hublot Express” to the top of the Gant-Blauherd slope. The scenery of the Matterhorn was superb. After returning to the village, Hublot's log cabin boutique was refurbished and its façade was illuminated by prominent objects, changing the traditional raccard grain store and the Swiss symbol. Matterhorn and "Poya" are scattered together Once the show is over, you can replace Big Bang's One Click strap, which is an important part of your outfit. Tonight, it's an oversized leather bracelet that is extremely soft. Orylag®, extremely smooth and fine hair."
To commemorate the beginning of the winter, Hublot brings the magic of Christmas to the exterior of its log cabin boutique. The huge Swiss symbol is decorated in the center of Bahnhofstrasse, at an altitude of 1,608 meters. From December 19, 2017 to January 2, 2018, 30 minutes per night, from night to 9:00. The building is illuminated by an impressive design that projects for 180 seconds. Its façade becomes a huge cuckoo clock, decorated into the most iconic and fascinating mountain range - Matterhorn - decorated with the cutting pattern of the famous "Poya" alpine cattle parade route, covered with The sparkling white snow is before the final greeting of the New Year's greetings. It's almost like a watchmaker telling the story of his much-loved
Big Bang 39mm gold or steel with a diamond bezel and/or case and a black or white dial, now wearing an ethical fur called "animal friendly" - Orylag®, a protected French trademark. Hublot is not just a status symbol, but a strap that turns its strap into a creative and innovative fashion accessory. By presenting leather cuffs decorated with Orylag® rabbit hair, Hublot brings a bold touch to the wrist. Fur is made from professional craftsman fur, offering a variety of colors from natural grey to non-traditional turquoise and fuchsia.
BIG BANG SUGAR SKULL Limited Edition and its self-improvement - Black skis are crafted with an innate floral arabesque pattern, with a colourful base and matching sticks - will be your new ski partner. They bring together the three cornerstones of Swiss expertise: Hublot, Bischoff and AK SKI. AK SKI became the first manufacturer to use rubber on skis, revolutionizing the world of skiing. This material is also the key to Hublot's pioneering spirit. Big Bang Sugar Skull Blue Cobalt is a self-winding mechanical chronograph with a 44mm matte black ceramic case. The dial, bezel and even the strap are decorated with iconic gimmicks. At the same time, the women's version of Big Bang Sugar Skull Hot Pink presents its style in a 41 mm case, displaying the complex floral arabesque pattern of Bischoff embroidery, forming a skull design across the carbon fiber dial, ceramic bezel and pink rubber. Strap. The old expertise was encapsulated in a piece of art, and Hublot's time was well maintained throughout the winter.
Winter is here, and Hublot has taken over winter sports, mountains and ski resorts. From Zermatt to Gstaad, Courchevel to Verbier, Aspen to Kitzbüehl, Hublot The boutique opened in replica watches for sale
Hublot Big Bang Zermatt
For the 2018 edition of Big Bang Zermatt, which pays tribute to the most famous Swiss mountain Matterhorn, Hublot creates a bezel based on 100% natural slate, a material that has never been seen before in watchmaking. Combined with carbon, slate exerts its strength and resistance.
Deep underground has a unique material, slate, metamorphic rock formed under high pressure and high temperature conditions, and a strong symbol of Switzerland, Valais and its mountains. Although slate is derived from clay, Hublot promotes it to super-resistant materials under the action of carbon. The innovation in watchmaking once again expressed itself.
Both models feature a bezel made of carbon fiber and slate composite. The Big Bang 44mm stainless steel (limited to 100 pieces) or 5N gold (limited to 50 pieces) also includes the HUB4100 chronograph movement, visible below the back of the sapphire. For women, the 41 mm stainless steel case has a diamond bezel set with a diamond, underneath the Matterhorn engraving, with a HUB 4300 self-winding movement on the back of the miniature steel and sapphire for 42 hours of power retention. This watch is limited to 100 pieces. These three models feature a blue slate dial to perfectly showcase their alpine style.
The Matterhorn is engraved at the small seconds counter at 9 o'clock for the 44 mm model and the fixed version at the 3 o'clock position. It is 4,478 meters high and quietly observes all slate roofs in the village of Zermatt, including the roof of the Hublot Chalet-Boutique. The boutique was completed in 2016 and reflects all the principles of "Swissitude" cherished by Hublot. It is located at 27 Bahnhofstrasse, reminiscent of the traditional barn in the ancient village of Zermatt, whose stone and wood represent its original architecture.wholesale Audemars Piguet replica watches