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Seiko Ananta Men replica watches
Seiko Ananta - the power of power!
Ananta is one of the highest in the Seiko collection of Japanese watchmakers.
These exquisite watch collections are inspired by the Japanese samurai sword. Katana has been used by warriors and Shoguns for generations, so this particular sword revolves around the beautiful history and traditions that show many aspects of Japanese culture. Like Katana, Ananta watches have been carefully crafted.
Ananta watches are made of high quality materials. Just like Katana made of special steel, it is also used in the production of watches, using special steel alloys, which are characterized by high resistance to damage. The glasses in the watch are of course made of sapphire, the diamond is harder, so the glass is almost impossible to scratch. Of course, in this series, we can find models on bracelets or belts.
We distinguish between the two mechanisms in the Antanta watch collection. These are watches with automatic or Spring Drive.RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 TOURBILLON MCLAREN F1 replica watches
The automatic mechanism is made of high quality steel. They are designed by the most outstanding engineers because they are precise and reliable mechanisms.
However, the most interesting mechanism on Ananta watches is Spring Drive. Work on this mechanism lasted for 28 years, during which 600 prototypes were created. However, in the end, the main engineer Yoshikazu Akahane and his team achieved success on a global scale. An automatic mechanism has been created that works with an accuracy of 1 second per day. Compared to other automatic watches, the difference in walking accuracy is approximately 25-30 seconds per day. The second record relates to the power reserve. Spring Drive can work for 72 hours after placing the watch on the shelf.
However, the most interesting thing about the Spring Drive mechanism is the work of the second hand. In most watches, the pointer "jumps" the shield while the mechanism springs the drive, and the tip "floats" over the dial over time.
Ananta watch is a combination of people and zasobniejszym, who are looking for detailed information with carefully crafted watches models. The filial piety surrounded by Ananta's Spring Drive is worthy of a high respect and will be understood by anyone looking for an unusual watch.Hublot Masterpiece MP-02 Key of Time 902.ND.1190.RX replica watch
Seiko's answer to the crisis: Ananta, Japanese sword watch

This is the first time that Japanese watchmakers have introduced high-end collections on the international market, including two new internal movements and the famous Spring Drive technology. Ananta aims to showcase the brand's expertise.
“When we imagined this new Elite collection, we provided full authority to the team responsible for the project,” said Shu Yoshino, general manager of international advertising at Seiko Watch Corporation, at Baselworld. “They can use existing movements developed by our manufacturers or create new movements. They are completely free to choose external elements and explore any design direction. They find inspiration in the ancient sword and katanas art. The history of Japanese swords can be traced back to the 10th century. From forging to polishing, each samurai sword takes a month to produce. This is the proof of the craftsman's hand."
From the appearance, there is obviously no chance. The case is made of a blade made of steel and has a unique curved shape on the side. It is machined in a series of operations and requires 32 different tools. Polishing is done in three stages to achieve a smooth surface and texture. The shape of the horns, hands, crowns and markers directly refer to the unique form of these samurai swords. With Ananta, Seiko takes full advantage of the concept of “the most technologically advanced technology in the world”.
The concerns and concerns of the case were answered in the campaign. “Our team wants Seiko Group to do its best,” continued Shu Yoshino. “This led them to choose the Spring Drive technology developed by Shinshu Watch Studio and the mechanical movement technology of Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio in the form of a new movement. These new movements reflect our concept of “Hand of Life”, which is excessive Carefully designed for precision, longevity and performance. "In addition to the 8R28 movement in the automatic chronograph with column and vertical clutches, Seiko has introduced the 6R24 and 6R21. The two calibres vibrate 28,800 times per hour and are equipped with day, day and 45-hour power reserves for the two Ananta models. One of them has an original dual retrograde display for day and date. Seiko said: “All three movements use Seiko's unique SPRON 510 alloy as the mainspring to provide better performance. All three use Seiko's Magic Lever system, which was created in 1959, which greatly improves the mainspring winding. Line efficiency and speed." discounted replica men watches
The highest point of the series is the Ananta Spring Drive chronograph (cal.5R86) and Spring Drive GMT (cal.5R66). They used the famous Spring Drive technology, which took 30 years to develop, and then launched its first prototype in Basel in 1998. In short, Seiko only wants the best Ananta. “Of course, we are affected by the crisis,” concludes Shu Yoshino. “However, this year will bring great opportunities for Seiko, because customers now expect real value when buying watches. As a fully integrated manufacturer, we can give them this.”
The energy from the mainspring is stored in a barrel and transmitted through a classic gear train whose regulator does not oscillate like a conventional adjustment mechanism, but instead rotates 28,000 times per hour to generate electricity. This energy measured in nanowatts is transferred to the quartz crystal to electromagnetically adjust the regulator. In summary, this three-synchronous regulator uses its mechanical energy from the mainspring to generate its own electrical energy, which is converted into electromagnetic energy to maintain a speed of 8 revolutions per second, hence the name a three-synchronous regulator. The electromagnetic brake power of the regulator is proportionally adjusted to the force provided by the mainspring. Thanks to this smooth one-way adjuster, the hands, especially the second hand, can slide on the dial. Accuracy is +/- 1 second per day.ZENITH PILOT 29.1940.679/21.C800 replica watch