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Richard Mille RM 056 Full Sapphire Crystal Watch
No doubt it is cool. It is also very expensive and is the most important exhibit. This new limited-edition watch from Richard Mille is the RM 056 with a full sapphire crystal case. This is visually appealing and costs only $1,650,000. It may be easier to laugh at the price than to be angry.
According to Richard Mille, it takes more than 1,000 hours to produce a watch case. This case is identical to the work of Richard Mille Felipe Massa. This movement is also the latest development of the RM 008 movement. Only the case is made of sapphire crystal, the movement layout and architecture have changed. 1000 hours for a long time. I don't want to ask how long it takes for a new case to be repaired.
The full name of this watch is the RM 056 Felipe Massa Sapphire Tourbillon Split Seconds race chronograph. In addition to a house in Bermuda, I am not sure about the competitors of this watch. This concept is actually impressive. From a few years ago, I began to ask the industry about the feasibility of making a full sapphire crystal case. They said it could be a painful ass. Basically cutting a flat and round sapphire crystal is the easiest. Once you start making curves and angles and larger complex pieces, it becomes complicated, time consuming, and frustrating.zenith pilot replica watches
Frustration is related to time and the vulnerability of sapphire crystals during processing. It broke a lot - especially when drilling screw holes. This is especially a problem for RM 056, as is the case with all the screws used to clamp the housing together. There are a large number of drill holes, each of which requires drilling and may damage the borehole. From the good news, I heard people in the industry say that once sapphire parts are processed, they are very strong. So the process is risky, but after that, these cases will be hard enough - just don't slam it or it will break. You can only do this with G-Shock.
Wearing this watch will not make you look like gold or diamond covered things. This is really sad. Wearing a "glass house" watch may get the attention of the right person - but they may wish to think it is polycarbonate or have not considered it. Diamonds will make you even more noticed that the fully diamond-covered case is actually much cheaper than this watch. Ironic? Still... at least you will know how complicated it is.richard mille sapphire watch replica
I was impressed with the look and function of the watch movement. According to Richard Mille, it has undergone a completely new transformation, with a 20% weight reduction and a slightly new layout on the dial. The hand-wound movement is equipped with a tourbillon, a 30-minute second hand chronograph, a power reserve indicator and a torque indicator. The crown also has a function indicator. Even so, and the hollow, the dial does not look like a mess.
Once Mille developed the technology, he was able to drive and develop more complex sapphire crystal watches: RM 056-01, RM 056-02 and RM 053-01. The original development was only for one case and eventually became the basis for a series of watches and watches that could withstand the most brutal effects on the crystal itself.
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The RM 056 series stands out as the frontier of sapphire crystal research. RM 056-01 went one step further, with bridges, sometimes wafers thin, cut and polished crystals. Similarly, RM 056-02 is a masterpiece of the crystal box complexity. For RM 056-02, Richard uses the same tension cable system as the RM027-01; however, the effect of cutting and polishing the complete sapphire crystal case and the internal components required to support the tension cable results in a sapphire crystal case that has never been seen before. The higher degree of complexity seen - or in this regard.
Crystal watches are ridiculous on one level! Why do you want to produce a case that can be broken? You don't have to worry about the hairline scratches on the case, but if you hit hard or sharp objects with enough power, you may see the sapphire case cracking or even breaking in front of you. But the RM 056 series is an opus watch and fulfills the idea that it is not a material that should be considered a value element in a watch, but rather a technology and work invested in developing materials into finished watches. That is Richard Mille! His philosophy has always been to try new ones, seemingly impossible, and to complete it. Instead of calculating costs, you have to show what you can do; your commitment and enthusiasm for new things, and your determination to be final.
The RM 056 series and sapphire crystal research have produced a series of crystal watches from other watch companies. Richard Miller may not be the first: but other watches are simple round cases with standard movements. What Mille did is completely different, so he is a pioneer in a series of crystal box watches on the market. Cases and designs encompass both the vision of vision and the research and technical achievements to achieve this vision. Once others have proven that this can be done, the solution can be easily seen. The car on the wrist continues to lead other areas.
Richard Mille RM 056 takes more than a thousand hours per production. The hand-wound movement is equipped with a tourbillon, a 30-minute second hand chronograph, a power reserve indicator and a torque indicator. It is located in a neat crystal sapphire case and is very hyt skull replica watches