URWERK history
the year 1995
Felix Baumgartner is qualified to be a watchmaker and moved to Geneva, which is at the heart of the world's finest watches. In addition to completing the repairs for existing luxury watch brands, Baumgartner has also created his own complex movements, including the three-question newspaper and the permanent calendar.
Baum Gartner, his brother Thomas and a man named Martin Frey met in Zurich. These visionary people discuss their watchmaking art, time philosophy and time depiction at the conference. The meeting ended with a resolution: creating a brand new luxury watch.
URWERK was established. The name has been carefully selected to determine the concept of the new brand. 'Ur' refers to the ancient Mesopotamian city Ur, in which the giant obelisk was used as the world's first object to measure time. 'Werk' is a working word in German, but it doesn't stop there. It refers to the act of creation, evolution, and emotional arousal. The brand is not just about creation - it was born.Hublot Masterpieces replica watches price
In the same year, URWERK launched its first luxury watch. The UR-101 and UR-102 debuted at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, enchanting and fascinating the world of watches with its “Wandering Time” and minimalist faces.
Felix Baumgartner is officially admitted to the Academe Horlogere des Createurs Independants (AHCI).
Year 1999
The UR-102 introduces a new version - a black, ceramic and white gold 'Nightwatch', inspired by Sputnik.
URWERK spent six years trying to build a luxury watch brand for himself. With the release of UR-103.01, Lean Time is amazing - it's a beautiful retro modern driving watch inspired by Bowingart's father.
URWERK consolidated its position on the watch map with a very special commission: cooperation with Harry Winston Rare Timepieces. This famous company asked URWERK to help it implement its Opus series. The result - Opus V - has achieved great success in terms of criticality and commerciality.
In the same year, Martin Frey had a revelation. He opened the case of the UR-103 to create a sleek, modern luxury watch UR-103.3. This direct icon shows the inner workings of the watch through the large targa crystal.Replica Richard Mille RM 028 watch red rubber
year 2006
The rework of the other two UR-103-UR-103 Blackbird and UR-103.05 was officially unveiled.
UR-201 premiered. This watch is the result of seven years of work: one is conceptualization, one is research and development, one is machining and testing, and the other is to complete the prototype and put it into production.
Year 2008
The next model in the 200 series, the UR-202, debuted. The watch has a unique self-winding system controlled by compressed air.
Year 2009
Reveals the orbital motion UR-103T inspired by the wolf spider.
In the same year, the engraver master Jean-Vincent Huguenin and URWERK produced a limited edition art version of the UR-103. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the aliens, we photographed UR-103.09 on the wrist of H. R. Giger's legendary Hanofo.
With the release of the UR-CC1 King Cobra, URWERK takes its watchmaking art to the next level, a luxury watch that represents 13 years of research and test results. Its unique linear time display is the result of three years of fine-tuning.
In Asia, UR-CC1 won the best design watch championship in the Grand Prix Grand Prix. URWERK's UR-103T won the Best Sports Watch Award.
UR-CC1 also won the special jury award for the annual Monterey Passion
URWERK introduces the UR-202 White Shark's "Rare Species" luxury watch.
In December, the brand participated in the Belles Montres Paris exhibition.
The UR-202 features a metal bracelet - the first URWERK luxury watch, away from classic leather.
The brand began to promote its upcoming masterpiece UR-1001 by visiting British tailor Timothy Everest. Everest's mission is to tailor a suit that is specifically attached to the watch.
In August, the UR-1001 Zeit device premiered. This beautiful timepiece keeps track of the passage of time, including seconds, minutes, hours, day and night, months, years, centuries and millennia.
Urwerk UR-110 ZrN Torpedo was launched in the same year. The second luxury watch in the URWERK “Rare Variety” collection won the Geneva Watch Grand Prix Award for Best Design.
Marcus Margulies asked URWERK to join a select team of luxury watch manufacturers to design one-off pieces for his London boutique.
In September, the UR-210 Maltese Falcon was revealed. In addition to URWERK's signature satellite complex features, the UR-210 has the world's first - winding efficiency indicator. This subtle and complex function shows a continuous assessment of the individual entanglement activity generated by the TUDOR HERITAGE BLACK BAY 79220R Watch
URWERK first launched EMC - the world's first 'artificial intelligence' luxury watch. The wearer can monitor and adjust the way the timepiece works according to personal preferences and lifestyle.
EMC won two awards at the Geneva Watch Grand Prix.
URWERK introduced the UR-105 TA'URWERK KNIGHT'. It has no tourbillon and no hands. It marks everything that URWERK stands for.
Later that same year, the brand introduced URWERK KNIGHT's lemon yellow and black orange variants, marking the passion of Martin Frei to rekindle the luxury watch collectors. URWERK is moving away from its iconic black casing.
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Urwerk UR-103 White Gold

Ref./Style #:
UR-3.03 manually wound
Case Material:
White Gold
Water Resistance:
3 ATM / 30 m
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Strap / Bracelet:
Leather Strap
Bracelet/Strap Color: