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Urwerk's new UR-210 movement with "winding efficiency indicator"
URWERK co-founder and chief designer Martin Frei pointed out that the new Urwerk UR-210 "more than any other URWERK product, the UR-210 is eye-catching. The eye is inevitably attracted to the winding efficiency indicator. ..... it is almost a magnetic attraction. The UR-210 is not a real watch, but a life mechanism grafted onto the wrist. Our nickname UR-210 is a Maltese Falcon because we think it is a dream. Real thing. "The unique look and design of this watch and the complex features are really special. The new UR-210 is currently priced at 137,000 Swiss francs.
When viewing the watch, you can observe the traditional power reserve indicator at 1 o'clock. At 11 o'clock, you can find the similar appearance indicator, which is the world's first complex feature, indicating the winding efficiency of the past two hours. The combined information of the power reserve indicator and the winding efficiency indicator allows the wearer to know when to start moving the arm or to adjust the winding efficiency selector, which can be adjusted to the activity level. When the UR-210 needs to be wound, the indicator will point to the red area, and when the energy is sufficient, the indicator will point to the green area.AUDEMARS PIGUET 2019 ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE 26400SO.OO.A035CA.01 replica watch
The dial of this watch is striking, with its large, high-tech 3D retrograde minute hand encircling the hour satellite and indicating the time across the 0 to 60 minute scale. At the 59th minute, a sharp, clear voice indicates that the minute hand returns to the starting point.
UR technical specifications? 210
Material: titanium and steel
Dimensions: width 43.8mm, length 53.6mm, thickness 17.8mm
There are two on the back? Position winding crown winding efficiency selector
Calibre: UR? 7.10
Jewelry: 51
Escapement: Swiss leverage
Balance: single metal
Frequency: 28,800v / h, 4Hz
Balance spring: flat
Power source: single main barrel
Power reserve: 39 hours
Winding system: self-coupling winding turbine
Material: ARCAP P40 board
3D aluminum minute hand with brass counterweight; spring center cylindrical spiral steel? Aluminum hour satellite; titanium alloy 5-stage center turntable and screws.
Surface treatment: round texture, sandblasted, round and straight satin finished board; satin? Finished and diamond? Polished satellite; beveled and polished screw head. Toggle
Patented rotating satellite complex with drifting hour and 3D retrograde split hands
Excessive? LumiNova handles markers, dials, hands, pointers and satellites. Instruction
Power reserve indicator
Urwerk CC1 Cobra MARCUS London piece unique strike with bold presence
The Urwerk CC1 Cobra watch has undoubtedly won its unique honour, as it has added outstanding masterpieces at MARCUS London's 10th Anniversary Exhibition.
The Urwerk CC1 Cobra is a bold and toxic watch that cannot be ignored, so it can safely call it the “King CC1 Cobra” because it rules the existing sovereignty. This watch has a bold black appearance and a red hue that is as fierce as the cobra's venom disperses its venom. Reading time on this exceptionally clear watch is an aesthetic pleasure that makes bystanders addicted to their hypnotic movement.
Yes, Urwerk's first CC1 Cobra debuted in 2009 and it is still a very compelling watch. Its unique avant-garde decoration is absolutely amazing; however, its exciting contrast with Patek Philippe's 1958 Cobra timepiece caused a sensation. Although the reaction to the first CC1 Cobra was surprisingly mixed, the response to MARCUS London's new bold and strong Urwerk CC1 Cobra was by no means a replica watches for sale
The Urwerk CC1 Cobra for MARCUS London includes a 45.7 mm X 43.5 mm case, 18 carat white gold, AlTiN (titanium nitride) surface, titanium base plate and sapphire crystal. It features a linear surface with a Urwerk Calibre UR-CC1 self-winding calibre, consisting of two horizontal indicators, showing two linear display retrogrades (cylinders) for jumping hours and minutes; a vertical three-cam operation The rack, visible through the window on the side of the chassis, rotates the minute cylinder, which is also visible through the back of the case, which is the first in the world. The second display is also digital and linear.
This unique watch is one of the limited edition watches, and of course it is consistent with MARCUS's unique exhibition standards, which is essentially one. Of course, if you want to experience the unique limited edition of the MARCUS London 10th Anniversary Exhibition, it will continue until October 2nd, 2012, then it will need to go to the 2012 Olympic Games venue - London Games.
Pack your luggage, collect your passport, book a flight to London, and experience unique masterpieces that can only be found at MARCUS London's 10th Anniversary Exhibition. Just be careful with your position because you can flirt with the CC1 Cobra, however, its movement and hypnotic venom may make your senses linger and cause you the will to make these two extravagant and expensive purchases worth Urwerk replica Watches
The UR-210 Dubai is a unique watch hand-carved by experts from FlorianGüllert. The work will be unveiled at Dubai Watch Week hosted by Ahmed Seddiqi and his son, a retailer. This one-of-a-kind UR-210 is fascinating but tempting with Dubai's fascinating top-level theme.
Despite all its wealth and display, Dubai has a rich tradition. The emotional experience of the first experience of this breathtaking city is always inscribed in the metal of this watch. In a press release announcing the watch, Urwerk co-founder Felix Baumgartner shared his first visit to Dubai in 2007 and his fascination with the public opinion contained in the city. The eastern part of this extremely luxurious city and the western part of the Persian Gulf are extremely dry. He described the city as “strong and often contradictory” and it was this feature that made him want to integrate into his UR-210, which is dedicated to the city.
This is why the complex patterns and mosaics of decorative watches are found in ancient Middle Eastern places of worship and royal palaces. Watch - UR-210 - is by no means old. This watch gives you easy access to our list of the world's most expensive watches.Bremont Watches Replica for sale