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Case Material: White gold DLC
Brand Name: MCT Watches
Movement: Self Winding/Automatic
Dial Diameter: 44.60mm
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Band Material Type: Alligator
Case Thickness: 14.50mm
Model Number: RD45 S200 AB LEMON GREEN
Functions: Hours, Minutes

Cheap Urwerk UR-105 CT Kryptonite replica Basically, the minute hand functions like it would in most any other watch, but the hours are told through the rotating “C” central disc on the dial. It moves 90 degrees counterclockwise each hour to a new louver. With four louvers, each of which carry three figures through 5 rotating prisms, we have 1 through 12 for each hour. So, in the above two images, the upper image tells us the time is 8:10 while the lower image is giving us the time of 10:10.The MCT Sequential Two S210 is the second iteration of the Sequential Two series – the first appearing in a rounded case in rose gold a short while back as the S200.

This time, all that gold is traded for an extremely cool grade-5 titanium construction that lends the watch a more daring, steely appearance. The titanium also introduces an entirely new dynamic of matte, brushed, and polished intricacies which sharply contrast the dial’s angular architecture – like some steampunk art installation set against the backdrop of a futuristic Asian metropolis. Yet despite all that complexity, the MCT Sequential Two S210 lacks any specific “complication,” by horological definition, displaying only the hours and minutes through the large, heat-blued minute hand and the sets of rotating shutters that indicate the hours in the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions.Also unchanged from the S200 is the case design – a round 46mm with downward-turned lugs for comfort. The movement behavior is also the same, where the minute hand makes a full 60-minute rotation in 360 degrees around the dial before the C-shaped “Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps” ring snaps 45 degrees to reveal the next hour through its aperture, while simultaneously obscuring the other three sets of shutters. Despite the MCT-S2.0 being a time-only caliber designed exclusively in-house by MCT, it’s still an extremely cool execution that’s equally cool to behold through the watch’s sapphire glass, front and back. But perhaps what best illustrates the impressive micromechanics of the 2.5Hz, micro rotor-powered MCT-S2.0 movement are its 654 individual components – 89 of which are jewels.Replica Ulysse Nardin diver chronometer watch price

We’ve seen an array of single-handed watches (particularly Meistersinger), or watches with creative, evermore artistic time indicators (like Konstantin Chaykin) that are not as precise as we might expect for a watch costing thousands of dollars. But then, the message is the whole point – life is not about the seconds, its about the moments; it’s about beauty in little things and taking the time to appreciate them, rather than having your time taken up by a ceaselessly ticking seconds hand reminding you you’ve got somewhere to be or something to do.

When a watch can be identified by the silhouette of its buckle, you know you’ve stumbled upon a brand creator’s wet dream. The MCT Frequential One F110, which just so happens to be MCT’s “entry-level” model, has a double-deployant, grade 5 titanium clasp that got me excited. It isn’t the most wonderful clasp I’ve ever seen in terms of design or even functionality – it doesn’t work differently or better, it just looks like nothing I’ve seen before. And it looks awesome. It also contains 18 parts. That’s a lot for a clasp. When this much effort and investment goes into the buckle, you know you’re dealing with a serious piece of design and engineering. So if this is the level of attention MCT gave the buckle, what did they do with the watch head?What they did was create an aesthetically stunning frame to display the slow-beat balance wheel in the dead-centre of the dial. This is not a new idea, but it is a feature I truly love. Many of my favourite watches from the last ten years have utilised the balance as the centerpiece. Dropping the train count to 18,000vph also makes sense, as it displays the balance in much more digestible fashion. The slow beat gives you chance to see the spring breathe and the wheel travel throughout the supplementary arc. Bomberg Replica Limited Edition watches

Replica luxury men watches for sale I visited MCT’s HQ in Geneva earlier in 2015 to get a glimpse of the Frequential One F110 watch and concept. With a price around $100,000 for the Sequential Two watch, MCT wanted a lower-priced model as well as something more “technically accessible” compared to the very complex Sequential movement that uses areas with pivoting prisms to tell the hours and a traditional minute hand. While the remarkable MCT Sequential One (originally developed by watch designer Denis Giguet) still holds a top place in my heart, the Frequential One F110 watch is a welcome addition to the brand.

The core concept of the Frequential One watch, was to place a balance wheel in the center of the dial with the hands underneath it. In execution, the concept appears simple, but it is an engineering challenge. Thus, you have the regulator system as the primary area of attention of the dial, with the hour and minutes hands underneath it, which stick out to the sides. Under 12 o’clock is a useful power reserve indicator – a feature I welcome on all manually wound movements. Designed by Fabrice Gonet, the Frequential One F110 case and dial evoke a contemporary sense of mechanical complexity which I like, and that most of the traditional brands tend to shy away from, due to their conservatism.

Many years later, I found myself asking the same question again, as in 2010 MCT (or Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps) elevated the idea of louvers to a completely different level, by placing four extremely intricate and fully mechanical sets of them into their Sequential One S100 in an effort to display the time in a way we never saw before in a wristwatch. At Baselworld 2014, we went hands-on with the Sequential Two, the latest and most wearable reinterpretation of MCT’s trademark time-telling device, and saw that it offered a number of much welcomed improvements over its predecessors.The Sequential Two S200 operates on basically the same principle as its predecessors.U-BOAT Chimera Replica watches online

It comprises a minute hand that does exactly what we would expect it to do: point to the indexes on the periphery of the dial. However, right at the moment when an hour passes the “C” shaped platform (shown on the image above bearing the company’s name) quickly rotates 90 degrees in the counterclockwise direction, hence revealing the next set of louvers, displaying the correct number of the upcoming hour. What we have then is a minute hand that rotates clockwise, as per normal, while the following hour will be displayed on what we would normally call the previous louver.

The engineers of MCT Watches have used a complex set of cams and carriages to display the hours in the forms of segments in the dial centre, placing this model in a whole new dimension. The hours transition is effected by the translational motion of the segments over 2.5 seconds, offering an original and magical sight, while the minutes are displayed by a flying hand.

A regulating organ serves to enable optimal management of the energy required for these animations, while ensuring a 50-hour power reserve for the self-winding movement, driven by a gold micro-rotor. The One debuts an elegant cushion-shaped case that measures 43 MM along its sides and is distinguished by finely crafted lugs shaped like twisted leaves.

With the Dōdekal One, MCT Watches is continuing its approach of constantly reinventing the display of time and once again proves that there are no limits to performance and mechanical creativity in the field of watchmaking. Available in titanium or titanium black DLC & 5N pink gold, the Dōdekal One – D110 is issued in a 25-piece limited series of each version. replica Richard Mille RM 37-01 Automatic Cerise pice