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HUBLOTx Ferrari: Techframe Tourbillon Chronograph
On August 14, 2017, Enzo Ferrari breathed his last, which is 29 years old. However, although this man is not itself in us, it is undeniable that his legacy will prove that he is an immortal descendant. Of course, the best evidence of this fact is more prominent than the Maranello-based supercar maker, whose name is Ferrari.
Ferrari was 70 years old when it was young in 2017. Now that it's there, not just pushing engineering boundaries, the influence in culture, film, art and theater is already vast. Ferrari has even proven to be the source of inspiration for many watch brands. However, it is fair to say that, in many cases, wristwatches created to reflect the value of Ferrari have produced quite predictable creations. It was not until Ferrari formed its own partnership with the only Hublot that it led to the MP-05 LaFerrari.
But how does Hublot create Ferrari into a watch in such an unexpected way? Is this because, as Hublot today becomes one of the very few brands in the watch industry, it has managed to compare itself with the rest of the universe - just like Ferrari,
Hublot's partnership with sports and music icons, supermodels and trendsetters makes it possible to pursue special editions of watches that not only respect these alliances, but also brands and watchmaking tools on these arenas Visible, but also for the brand to create opportunities, through fresh look at the tabulation methods. Sometimes, in the most unusual case, these people are not just putting their name on a new Hublot watch, but walking with the brand and conceiving a new timepiece with its own art form and expertise. HYT H1 Graphite Project 148-NG-21-GF-RU cheap watch
Techframe Ferrari 70-year tourbillon chronograph is undoubtedly a recent example. Created in the Hublot stables in Nyon, Switzerland, the watch was clearly designed in the stables of Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. Why and how can such a bold statement be made? Just because the Techframe Ferrari 70-year tourbillon chronograph was actually under the direction of Ferrari's design team under the direction of design director Flavio Manzoni.
The fusion of two worlds
For the revolution, the story of this creation began in November 2016 when our founder, Wei Koh, met with Mr. Manzoni and heard of his influence on the brand over the past six years and of course the partnership between Ferrari and Hublot.
In an interview, Wei asked Mr. Manzoni a question, a blank question: "There is a strong connection between Ferrari and Hublot. We know that you and the design studio have been making specials for the 70th anniversary of Ferrari's birth. Can you tell me about it?
Mr. Manzoni's answer is: "We have always welcomed the possibility of moving the Ferrari DNA and our design methods to another type of product; in this case the watch is characterized by a very complex and complex
"Glad to see the start of the project, and we had an opening ceremony with Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe, and we opened the door to our modeling studio where they saw the LaFerrari model under construction."

He then described the design process further and said: "The initial idea was to create an aerodynamically shaped watch, and I said, 'Do not make this mistake. LaFerrari's pneumatic language comes from certain necessities and goals. We can not just repeat one This form is too exaggerated. Too mediocre.
"But if we're going to make a watch, we first need to understand the engineering concept behind it before deciding to send the right shape to the object. My instinct is our LaFerrari engine, the KERS behind the gearbox Close system) and the incredible language of the Hublot masterpiece movement.
"So, I suggest that we show the engine, just as we did in the car, to make the engine of the movement a gem that is displayed under the glass.We repeat more or less the same principle, using curved sapphires, shapes Reminiscent of LaFerrari's back screen. "best Urwerk 105 cheap watches
After that conversation, we had the pleasure of catching up with Mr. Manzoni at the 2017 Basel International Watch Fair and witnessing the watch he spoke on his wrist.
Mr. Manzoni said: "This is a passionate project for me and when we first started the project, we were working on a supercar like the LaFerrari and the J50. At the time, the opportunity to work with Hublot was presented to us A very unexpected possibility, about our vision, our design approach, and its transformation into a watch.
"Of course we did not find the rhetorical relationships we can apply to watches, like the aerodynamic shape of Ferrari, but we brought this lightweight concept to watches that were taken directly from our car design methods."
Mr. Manzoni then turned our attention to the watch movement, the engine underneath the sapphire glass, confirming what he shared with us in November last year. He then described the lightweight design of his team, which he designed to borrow from Ferrari's design book.
"The case of the watch is a very light frame, reminiscent of the frame we designed for our car, often of a combination of different materials, and this design has an inherent beauty which is due to the functional structure being developed Generated, "Mr. Manzoni said.Hublot Mp 05 LAFERRARI Complications cheap Watch
When asked where the design inspiration came from, aside from his work at Ferrari, he explained that he was often touched by the wisdom in science fiction movies, which helped him to envision the future. One of his special works, such as the Hublot Techframe's 70-year tourbillon chronograph, is the 1970's television series Space: 1999.
He further explains why case design is particularly important to him, saying: "When you see a Ferrari, you see a very light car.For example, LaFerrari's body is characterized by its volume, Subtract material to achieve.
"But even though LaFerrari's ease is still managed to come down with unbelievable power and emotion, and I think we've managed to make that idea a reality on the Hublot Techframe 70-year Tourbillon Chronograph.
"When we were designing the Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70-year tourbillon chronograph, we had a sideways thinking that we managed to move into that process and get it right out of the way we designed it in Ferrari.
"I'm not sure this can be the case for watch design specialists, and my team is passionate about moving away from our design philosophy and this is a coincidence that my team manages it." wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 035-01 RAFAEL NADAL cheap Watch