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Hublot King Power Alton Senna and Senna Tourbillon

Hublot launched two new King Power watches - Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna and Hublot King Power Tourbillon Ayrton Senna. Both watches are made in Brazilian yellow/blue-green and are made almost entirely of F1 material, such as carbon fiber (the first of Hublot), ceramics and the Nomex strap.
Hublot Wangdian Ayrton Senna
Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna is limited to 500 pieces.
It features a 48 mm carbon fiber case, a second hand chronograph movement, power reserve indicator (F1 style blue, green and red dots) and Ayrton Senna's signature.
On the weekend of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Viviane Senna (Ayrton's sister) and Instituto Ayrton Senna held a special event on November 3, 2010, which provided background information for the Hublot launch of King Power Ayrton Senna and the documentary "Sena".buy Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CONCEPT cheap watches
Hours are counted in seconds and a button is marked on the left side of the case. In order to measure the grouping time, the first "minutes second" hand was stopped while the second one continued to run. This mechanism allows time to check the first period before activating the button again, allowing the hand to catch the directly-driven hand. This function can be used to calculate the racer's grouping time or the time of two racers.
Hublot Wang Power Tourbillon Ayrton Senna
The Hublot Wang power tourbillon Ayrton Senna has 10 special tourbillons entirely manufactured by Hublot. The 10 unique commemorative works have different engravings on the back of each watch, showing one of the 10 highlights selected by his sister and mother during the driver's career, and the yellow and green stitched Brazilian yellow watch. band.REVIEW RICHARD MILLE RM 11-03 AUTOMATIC FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH cheap watch
What is special about HUBLOT watches?

Hublot watches are Swiss brands and they represent the "fused art" of watch brands. Their luxury timepieces are considered the best Swiss watchmaking industry. They are one of the most beloved timepieces for men and women.
Carlo Crocco introduced Hublot in 1980. This is the first time that gold and rubber have been combined to make watches. Crocco wanted to design an adaptable, durable and stylish watch, and in 1980 it was born with the Hublot's iconic look.
These watches are known for their porthole shape (the name "Hublot" actually means "porthole" in French), the combination of polished and brushed gold, and the minimalist black dial. Hublot is also the first watch to use a natural rubber strap.nice Greubel Forsey Signature 1 cheap watches
Hublot is so special because of its design. The band's rubber complements and contrasts the dial's dial; the band's production conforms to any wearer's wrist, making it comfortable and lightweight. It becomes a person watching any sports event or working with both hands. It's as if they didn’t wear watches at all.
Today, the brand's headquarters is in Switzerland. This is where the magic happens. Their watches are made here, in rooms filled with mechanical and watchmaker benches. These watches received practical attention to detail and were assembled from components in the same place, the Swiss headquarters, where they were completed and tested. Without a thorough quality and performance test, the watch left.
Humboldt produces some special products each year. They have the distinction of making the world’s most expensive watch “Five Million Dollar Watches”.
Many celebrities have collaborated with Hublot to launch a unique special edition that brings significant advantages to watchmakers. Recently, Shawn Carter (also known as Jay-z) joined the list and designed the Classic Fusion Shawn Carter with a Swiss company. This special edition is unique in that Carter actually designed the entire work.
The watch's dial is engraved with the Matt Cross logo, Carter's personal logo. Below this incision, Hublot's ultra-thin HUB1300 manual winding movement is visible. In the face, Sean Carter's name appeared, but the typical Hublot sign was missing.wholesale cheap watches for sale
This particular model uses gold, which gives the wearer 90 hours of use when fully wrapped. Both Barney and Hublot offer watches.
Other special collections include the Formula 1 racing version, as Hublot is the official sponsor of Formula 1. The output of the Hublot F1 King Power watch is limited to 250 pieces, and it looks like people expect to see it from racing-inspired watches. This piece has a rubber chronograph putter, a bright red dial and a crocodile leather strap. This watch looks very durable and tough.
Recently, Hublot also collaborated with Ray Allen of the Miami Heat to fund diabetes research. The watchmaker introduced three limited edition Ray Allen watches: Ray Allen King Power, Ray Allen Big Bang and Ray Allen Classic Fusion. All income from the sale of watches is used for diabetes research.
Another unique feature that makes Hublot unique is their amazing customer service. No matter where Hublot owners are in the world, they will always receive excellent support. The company will do its best to please them. This is a well-known fact for luxury watch owners, especially on the web, especially on luxury watch enthusiast websites and forums. Whether customers purchase watches at a boutique or order by mail, the effect is consistent: Hublot always focuses on its customers.