George Graham's chronograph and the father of his watch

Perhaps best known as the "father of chronographs", George Graham (1673-1751) is also the brain behind the invention, such as the Death Cylinder escapement, the first wall chronograph and the mercury pendulum .
Commissioned by the Royal Observatory of Greenwich to create the master clock used by astronomers, he became the first great 18th-century watchmaker to be elected to the Royal Society.
With its innovative spirit and technical expertise, Graham is now a modern watch brand dedicated to mechanical art lovers.
Graham has undoubtedly approved this modern Swiss program to restore the best British watchmaking traditions, based on its rich traditions, open and passionate about communicating with peers, including other countries.
Based on the innovative concept of determining design, function and surface treatment, the “Swiss Made British Brand” created an impressive “Watch Machine”. Graham Chronofighter oversize GMT Blue Steel 2OVGS.B26A replica Watch
Graham watches evoke the fascination of connoisseurs and collectors, whose technical and aesthetically appealing objects combine originality, uniqueness and avant-garde with superior traditional techniques.
Graham Swordfish Booster "Iris" - Watch with Flash Glow
British watchmaker Graham released a new, dynamic watch for his Swordfish collection. The swordfish booster 'Iris' looks more like an exotic tropical marine creature than a watch. The iris is the Latin word of the rainbow, which can be seen when its dark design captures a beam of light, similar to the effect of fish scales, sea shells and pearls.
This unique housing design is achieved through an exclusive process on its 48mm large stainless steel case. First apply a black PVD coating and then apply a multi-layer complex, special transparent, ultra-thin, iridescent coating. Each layer of special coating is made of different parts of thickness and thinness, giving it a natural randomness. This involves placing a steel component in a vacuum chamber to create a plasma Franck Muller Watches replica
This is a unique dark green crocodile leather strap with a black ceramic buckle that matches the shape of the black Tahiti mother on the dial. The dial hands are illuminated by black Super-luminova. This watch features an automatic dual-pressure chronograph movement made by Swiss watchmaker La Joux-Perret. Observe the timing function by enlarging the two portholes of the small dial. It is water resistant to 100 meters and has a power reserve of 28 hours.
Graham watches in the market for sale
Graham Watches is an independent Swiss watch company with a British brand named after the famous British watchmaker George Graham. They are known for their large and arrogant designs, which can differentiate the views of many watch lovers. If you don't like them, it doesn't matter, you can't deny their uniqueness and the status of the world of watches. We are very happy to be able to purchase our Graham watches, so today we have selected some products to share with you. Just click on the full list name or click on the link at the bottom to get the full sales option.
Swordfish booster black left yellow
Although my personal wrist is too big, I am still a fan of Swordfish watch 3D porthole design. Why do I like this especially, I am a left-hander, this is one of Graham's left-hand models, the opposite of the crown. As part of the black collection, these watches remind me of the small shells or small walking bombs of the Mario Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic Watch replica
The steel case measures 48 mm and is coated with a black PVD. The left hand control button has a "Clous de Paris" high grip mode. It has an obvious bottom cover that is covered with smoked sapphire crystal to prevent everything from getting dark. The yellow dial features include its signature double porthole dial, which is 15% larger. Super-Luminova is used for hands and instructions to be visible in low light. This watch features a black rubber strap and is water resistant to 330 feet / 100 meters.
Chronofighter Oversize Goldfinger
The Chronofighter collection is Graham's largest and most popular collection. The design was inspired by the cockpit of a classic British aircraft such as Spitfire and Hurricane. The logo for this collection is their large chronograph putter for the protection of the crown with an oversized 47 mm case.
Most Chronofighters are designed for ruggedness, but here we have limited editions, including 18K rose gold and titanium. The case is made of rose gold and titanium with a rose gold reset pusher and a titanium quick start/stop lever. The black dial displays the date and rose gold small dial for its three compax chronograph movements. The sturdy bottom cover features a Royal Ocean Crown badge that is water resistant to 330 feet / 100 meters. With a leather strap, limited to 300 pieces.replica watches for men

Silverstone wagon
Now here is the Graham watch, which is rarely seen by anyone, with a tourbillon. Part of the Silverstone chronograph, this watch is dedicated to the Silverstone circuit, one of the most famous tracks in the UK and the world. The Silverstone watch features a 48 mm large case, usually in a bright dial color that provides high visibility (and style) while driving. In most cases, they are paired with a rubber strap with a convincing tire tread pattern. They also produce a more conservative version, and this tourbillon movement combined with a column wheel chronograph is the most popular. Although there is a choice of rose gold, the version we sell is a more refined stainless steel version with a silver-white dial.
The outer edge of the dial shows the speedometer, the 3 o'clock position indicates a 60-minute small dial, the 6 o'clock dial indicates a 12-hour small dial, and the tourbillon dial has a small seconds dial. The crown and button feature a "Clous de Paris" high grip pattern and a cutout pattern on the small dial. Through the impressive view of the bottom cover, you will see elements made of silver enamel, black PVD and black gold. They did not forget their racing timekeeping heritage because they designed the tourbillon to cope with the shock. This takes 4 years of development time and allows them to pass the Chronofiable test (testing the reliability and accuracy of the watch under different conditions). It includes a black alligator strap and a steel folding clasp that is water resistant to 50 meters / 160 feet. swiss HYT SKULL Watches replica